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Storm damage is an unfortunate fact of life that cannot be avoided. There are a number of ways in which a home or building's roof can be damaged in a storm, and each needs to be handled differently.

Fixing storm damage generally involves a number of steps. Before calling the professionals, home and building owners should move any important items such as furniture and appliances to a secure location. They should also make sure to keep any important belongings protected from water that may be leaking inside.

When the storm is over, specialists will assess the home's exterior and look for any signs of leaks or roofing damage. They will take note of any dented downspouts, vents or gutters that have been damaged by hail. They will also look for shingles that are missing, curled or torn by wind. After that, they will inspect the building's interior and look for broken or cracked skylights, water seeping into the attic and wet insulation. They will also check the areas around chimneys, corners and light fixtures for any signs of water damage.

After an initial assessment, trained professionals will get to work fixing any issues that may be present. This can involve replacing shingles and fixing any leaks or damage that the storm has caused to the roofing structure or the home's interior. They may also have to perform a roof rafter inspection to ensure that rafters do not show any signs of structural damage that need to be fixed.

Professional restoration companies are available 24 hours a day to take care of damage caused by storms. This is essential as weather-related damage requires immediate attention in order to contain the situation and stop any further issues that can be made worse due to exposure to the elements. Fortunately, the Allstate Roofing Rapid Response Team is equipped, ready, knowledgeable and experienced in repairing storm damage.

Complete storm damage recovery is multifaceted, and it involves more than just repairing the building's roof. Storm damage restoration companies handle gutter, soffit and fascia replacement and repair on top of fixing roofing systems. In addition, they deal directly with insurance companies to take care of material defect claims and reimbursement negotiations.

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