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Skylights not only add natural light to a home but also add value. Many homeowners are leaning towards the addition of skylights to cut down on energy costs as well as the need for extra lamps and lighting units.

Many homeowners are leery of installing skylights in their already built home. It can be nerve-wracking to cut through the ceiling and roof of a home. As long as the correct steps are taken, the addition of a skylight to a home can work.

There are three main classes of skylights that can be installed in a home. The first is a ventilating skylight. Ventilating skylights can be opened to allow air to flow through it. These skylights work best when positioned in a kitchen or bathroom. The ability to open these skylights helps alleviate the moisture and keep the air flowing. Ventilating skylights can either be controlled by a remote, hand crank or automatic sensor that tracks the inside temperature.

Another type of skylight is a fixed skylight. The main purpose of these skylights is to allow natural light to shine through the house. These are stationary and do not open.

The last type of skylight is a tubular skylight. These work best when there is little space to work with and a regular skylight won't fit. Usually, these are placed in hallways and small rooms to allow some natural light to brighten up the area.

Allstate Roofing can help homeowners choose what type of skylight works best for their home. They will assess the space available and help them choose the best class and style skylight. Installation is usually simple if an experienced roofer, like Allstate Roofing, installs the skylight. Costs for installation vary based on the type of roof and how many stories the skylight goes through.

Skylights are made from two different types of materials. Homeowners can choose from glass or acrylic skylights. It's a personal choice for homeowners when choosing which material to use. They will want to look at which type of glazing as well as insulation factor and durability when deciding on the material.

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