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Replacement, maintenance, repairs and restoration are tasks that the contractors working for Allstate Roofing know well. When people think of roofing repairs, they may tend to think about residential homes rather than commercial properties. But commercial properties tend to need more help than residential properties do. Many of these buildings have flat roofs, which are more susceptible to driving rain and high winds, which can cause significant damage to those roofs.

Commercial buildings usually feature one of two roof styles: flat or pitched. A flat roof may require a build-up to protect it more against bad weather and other potential hazards. When the roof is completely flat, it has no protection against driving rain. That rain can easily penetrate through the shingles and cause dry rot or leaks. Strong winds can also move across the roof and tear down the underlayment and other materials used on the building. Allstate Roofing contractors can climb on the roof and get a feel for its condition and identify the areas that need the most help before making any recommendations. They may suggest building up the roof or replacing the existing shingles and underlayment.

The secret to keeping a roof looking and functioning its best is yearly maintenance. Contractors recommend that building owners think about those properties in the same way they would their personal cars. Car owners check the tire pressure, clean the cars, change the oil, and get tuneups on a regular basis. Many people tend to think that roofs are strong enough to last for years without any maintenance but that isn't true. Installing new tar paper, replacing missing and damaged shingles and checking the gutters can increase the life of a roof.

Allstate Roofing offers all the services that owners of commercial buildings may need now and in the future to keep their property protected. The contractors worked on many local buildings in the past, including strip malls, shopping centers and doctors' offices. They can make the process of repairing, installing, replacing or maintaining a roof go much smoother than that owner might expect. Call for a consultation or free estimate today.

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