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It can sometimes be difficult to decide when a roof needs to be replaced and when repairs are all that is needed. Replacing a roof is a big investment, but repairing it can be more expensive in the long term, especially as the roof becomes more worn.

Newer materials are also more energy efficient, so bills for heating and cooling are often lower. An experienced Sacramento roofing professional can inspect a home and let homeowners know if they should repair or replace their roof. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, homeowners should inspect their roofs at least twice per year in spring and fall. It's also a good idea to take a look after severe storms. Here are some of the most common signs that a roof needs to be replaced.

In the attic, look for places where the roof deck is sagging. Also look for small points of sunlight showing through the roof. Water damage or leaking can cause dark spots and trails from mold and algae, damaged drywall and insulation, ruined carpet, rotting wood and damaged belongings. However, homeowners can usually have small drips repaired as long as they don't wait for these other signs to appear and the damage to spread.

People can check roofs from the ground with binoculars, but they should avoid walking on a roof that could already be damaged.

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Curling or cracked shingles or tiles are usually damaged by temperature changes and ultraviolet light. This makes them more vulnerable to wind and rain. UV light and wear from flowing water can also cause shingles to fade. If the damage is on just one or two areas of the roof and the roof is less than 15 to 20 years old, it can probably be repaired. Otherwise, it will need to be replaced. Homeowners may start to see missing shingles and shingles in the yard that have blown off the roof. These can be repaired, but shingles in the yard are a sign of a worn out roof. Unless the shingles or tiles come off after a big storm, homeowners should usually replace the roof.

Algae looks like black streaks on roofs, and this photosynthetic organism can actually weaken roofs by consuming the minerals in tiles and shingles. The roots of moss can penetrate shingles and tiles and slowly separate them. Moss also expands when it freezes, making the problem worse. A thick layer of moss can be so heavy that it causes the roof to collapse. Homeowners can get rid of moss and algae before they become major problems with special chemical treatments.

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