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In most homes, the roof hangs over the outside wall and forms a gap that leaves the rafters exposed. Soffits are generally installed into these gaps by Sacramento roofing services to keep debris and water from getting into an attic. If rafters are not protected by soffits, they can end up water damaged and may require replacement.

Soffits are available as either solid panels, generally made of aluminum or vinyl, or with vents, and lanced soffits are an increasingly popular choice. Although it may seem counterintuitive since so much time and effort goes into insulating a home and roof, airflow through an attic is very important, and vented soffits are a great way to create it.

Airflow helps to replace hot air with cool air in the summer and does the reverse in the winter. When hot air is not able to move through an attic, moisture can condense in the roof, leading to mold and water damage. Additionally, extremely high temperatures can make it harder to cool a home and can damage roof tiles. During the winter, a flow of air can help prevent ice dams from forming.

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When someone is picking new or replacement soffits, they can generally choose from vinyl, aluminum, wood and steel varieties. The two most common are vinyl and aluminum due to their light weight and lower relative cost, but wood and steel can be solid choices.

Wood soffits are considered very attractive, but they are prone to rotting over time, so they need to be replaced more frequently than those made of other materials. Steel is another less popular but still viable solution. It is one of the most durable materials, and these soffits are available in a variety of colors, but it is also one of the most costly.

A less expensive but still very hardy option is aluminum. Aluminum soffits do not rot or crack, and they are both water and fire resistant. They are also easy to clean and tend to be easy to install since the material is fairly malleable.

Vinyl is another popular choice. These soffits are not as sturdy as aluminum; they can discolor or become brittle with extended exposure to the sun, but they won't rot and will resist chipping and cracking. They are also available in a variety of colors and textures, so they can match or complement a wide range of exterior decors. Vinyl soffits also provide excellent insulation.

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