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California is experiencing a serious water shortage and experts fear it could get worse. Fire has evolved as a key player in maintaining native California ecosystems such as chaparral, savannah and coniferous forests. Taken together, these two facts are making homeowners anxious about whether their Sacramento roofing is going to be in good shape if the drought continues. Cal-Fire has also been thinking about the risks to properties and has offered some advice on how homeowners can keep a roof over their heads as the fire season gets hotter and hotter.

First, the roof should be made of a fire-resistant material. The only roofing materials that will not burn are in Class A; the only two materials that fall within this class are fiberglass shingles and concrete roof tiles. Perhaps surprisingly, metal is in Class C, the same class as organic asphalt shingles. While copper, Galvalume metal and galvanized steel are all considered fireproof, any stone-coated or painted metals will catch fire. Rubber roofing is rated Class A by the American Society for Testing and Materials, even though it is not completely fireproof. However, additional fireproofing can be added.

The second tip concerns routine maintenance.

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Always keep roof and gutters free from needles and dead leaves. Remove any dead branches that may be overhanging the roof; keep them at least 10 feet from roof and gutters. For homes built on a slope, ten feet away may not be sufficient. For extra protection, chimney outlets and stove pipes should be covered with a fine, noninflammable mesh screen.

When assessing materials for fire safety classification, standards rating organizations take into consideration three factors: its ability to resist fire spreading through the roof's outer surface and into the attic, the ability to keep fire from spreading over the surface of the roof, and a low potential for shooting off embers.

California law requires that property owners create a "defensible space" of 100 feet all around the home. Additionally, Cal-Fire advises keeping flammable vegetation at least 30 feet away from the house. Also, remove all tree branches that are within six feet of ground level, try to plant only fire-resistant plants, keep plants watered and free of dead leaves and branches and dried needles.

Sooner or later, it is going to rain in California, if not this year, then maybe next year or the year after that. Until then, it is imperative to stay vigilant and stay right on top of these fire prevention measures.

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