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Seizing advantage of abundantly sunny skies, increasingly affordable options and attractive new solar shingles, a growing number of homeowners are choosing solar roof systems to power their homes. Solar's popularity is growing so quickly that there is now enough installed solar capacity to power 4 million American homes, more than half of them in California. In 2014 alone, more than a third of all new electricity came from solar installations, and that growth is expected to continue.

Innovative solar shingles are at the heart of this growth. These highly protective, appealing shingles don't just rest on the roof like traditional solar panels, they actually are the roof. Licensed and experienced Sacramento roofing professionals can install solar shingles as they are installing a new roof, weaving them into the pattern of the home's roof.

Even more appealing is the fact that solar shingles can now integrate seamlessly and easily into asphalt and architectural shingles as well as slate and cedar shingles. The flexible film solar shingles can also be formed into shapes that mimic clay and concrete tiles, so they can blend in with tile roofs and enhance just about any home's curb appeal.

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Installation is streamlined with this new generation of solar roofing. Shingles plug into connectors at each end to avoid complicated wiring. This cuts installation time by about two thirds and allows the rest of the roof to be replaced when necessary without removing the solar shingles.

Their safety and durability are also strong selling points. Most solar shingles are resistant to hail and are Class A fire rated. Because these building integrated photovoltaics are now part of the actual roof system, they are also able to resist damaging wind uplift and are suitable for homes in windy areas.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of solar roofing lies in its economic rewards. Solar roofing costs have dropped 49 percent since 2010 and a whopping 80 percent since 2008. Terrific rebates, federal and state tax incentives and plenty of appealing financing and leasing options also help to defray the cost of solar roof installation. Homeowners with solar roofing can also expect to save 40 to 70 percent on utility bills each year.

Solar shingles are especially attractive to consumers who are looking for a renewable energy source. In 2012, solar systems provided enough energy to prevent the emission of 35 million metric tons of carbon dioxide and replace the use of 75 million barrels of oil.

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