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In sunny parts of the United States such as California, many homeowners are interested in harvesting the energy from the sun to power their homes and heat their water. The use of photovoltaic cells and solar panels is gaining in popularity as electricity rates continue to rise. Because most of these devices are situated upon a home's rooftop, they have considerable implications for the structural integrity and soundness of the roofing system. Understanding the relevant issues can help a property owner work with an experienced Sacramento roofing company to create a structurally sound and viable solar power unit.

The use of solar power has many benefits including less resource usage, better air quality, less dependence on fossil fuels and the ability to be more self sufficient. The environmental impacts of solar power are notable as other types of fuel must be hauled in through potentially leaky pipelines, by trucks or dug out of deposits miles deep into the earth. Solar powered systems are mostly passive once the panels are put into place by the roofers and expert installers.

A thorough inspection must take place to determine if a home is a candidate for solar panels. This assessment includes determining the amount of sunshine reaching the roof's surface, the strength of the roof, whether there are trees in the way and if there are other potential hazards like fruit bearing trees or wildlife.

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In order to install solar panels, holes must be cut into the roof to hold the panels in place. These small openings must be carefully created so that the panels do not slip out of place and so that water does not seep inside and damage the roof's wooden substructure. The newest solar cells can be made to look like asphalt shingles, clay or slate tiles to blend in with the rest of the roof. As the sun shines upon the roof, the voltaic cells become charged and store the energy until it is needed to power an item within the household.

The installation of solar panels requires that homeowners pay a considerable upfront fee for the equipment. Severe weather that can destroy a roof, such as hailstorms, can also destroy the panels, so they are not generally recommended for use in areas prone to these events. Most systems come with a payoff time of 40 to 50 years, although this may be shortened as electricity rates continue their increase. Local, state and federal incentives may further decrease the payoff period.

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