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While slate roofing may be an initially costly system to install, the benefits are tremendous. Homeowners will enjoy a sturdy and reliable method of roofing that can last a lifetime if it is properly maintained. Sacramento roofing companies can provide slate roofing as a standard installation, but homeowners will always be encouraged to perform regular maintenance on their own in order to help their rooftops last as long as they need to.

Slate roofing systems do not need to be maintained regularly. Performing a checkup at least once a year can be enough to preserve the material's structural integrity throughout its life. Homeowners are encouraged to inspect their rooftops during the fall in order to make sure that the tiles are well maintained for the winter. To get up to the inspection area, homeowners should use ladders that can safely hook onto the roof's edges. It is important to avoid walking on top of the roof unless it absolutely cannot be avoided. Soft soled shoes and safety harnesses should be worn at all times when the individual walks on the roof.

All homeowners should begin by checking the top of their attic before they inspect the roof's outer areas. This can be a good way to start the maintenance process because homeowners can spot moisture damage early on without having to go outside.

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They should check for water staining along the timber, especially after the house has recently experienced a long period of rain. If there are any tiles that have water stains, they should be checked for hairline cracks.

Homeowners may choose to do a large part of their inspection at their home's ground level as well. It can be easy to spot powdery surfaces and deterioration damage by using binoculars. The appearance of such damage is known as delamination, and roofers should be called immediately to have the tiles replaced. Sometimes the entire roofing system may need to be replaced, depending on how extensive the damage is.

Leaks are almost always the primary concern with slate shingles, especially when they start to develop noticeable damage. They will need to be taken care of as soon as possible before the damage grows out of hand. If the integrity of the shingles is not compromised, the problem may lie with the flashing or the sheathing. If the homeowner is not sure about where the damage could be coming from, they are encouraged to call roofing specialists to help them assess the surface and determine what the problem is.

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