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Selecting material for the roof of a home is an extremely important investment as it is providing protection to the homeowner's belongings and family. Property owners can select the most expensive material, copper, or the least expensive material, asphalt, but there are pros and cons to both types. Here are some things that a Sacramento roofing specialist will let clients know to consider when selecting which product to use.

When homeowners are going to select asphalt shingles, the key thing to remember is the price. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also easy to repair. Most asphalt shingles have a repetitive pattern and notches that will make it easy to lay. They are extremely versatile and work in a variety of roof types. More importantly, they are fire resistant, which is important in hot, arid areas.

However, there are downsides to selecting such a cheap material. The main negative aspect of asphalt shingles is the lifespan, which is roughly 15 years. Other things a homeowner will want to consider is the fact that asphalt heats up a lot faster and can affect utility bills. The heat will also cause asphalt to melt and scar, which will require more maintenance. Asphalt shingles are also much more prone to mold growth.

However, selecting the most expensive roofing material, copper, does not necessarily prevent homeowners from having problems.

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Copper does give a home a unique appearance, and they have a long lifespan and are recyclable. In addition, they are extremely durable and can handle a variety of weather types. Copper does have disadvantages, though, and the price is the main one. Homeowners who have a roof made of any type of metal will need to be prepared for potential sound issues as noise from rain, wind and the sound of metal expansion is common in roofs that have not been installed properly. It is also possible to have corrosion problems if the installation has not been done correctly. Most problems that homeowners experience with copper are caused by incorrect installation, so make sure the roofing company is experienced if this is the material selected.

Copper and asphalt are not the only options homeowners have for roofing, but they are the extremes when it comes to price ranges. They also give homeowners a good number of things to consider and help them understand that, regardless of the material selected, there will be pros and cons. Therefore, homeowners should select a material based on the appearance they want, the budget they're working with and how much time they want to spend on maintenance.

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