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An increasing number of property owners are deciding to include skylights in their new homes or buildings or to add then to an existing structure. Skylights offer several benefits. The pros at Sacramento Roofing have the skills to install skylights correctly to avoid leaks and allow the property owner to enjoy years of service from them.

Skylights increase the natural light that enters a room, which is better lighting for many projects. It may also cut electricity costs because lighting won't be turned on as often. Natural light makes the colors, features and accessories in a room look better.

Skylights can also improve the atmosphere in a room. In fact, one 1999 study found that students performed 20 to 25 percent better on standardized tests if the testing area had natural light from a skylight as opposed to artificial light. Patients also recover more quickly from illness or surgery if they have access to natural light from a skylight.

Skylights light an area while giving people privacy. For example, a skylight in a bathroom shields people from prying eyes that otherwise may be a problem if a window was the source of light. Skylights also increase a property's value.

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The three types of skylights are fixed, ventilating and tubular. Fixed skylights do not open or close. Ventilating skylights can be opened and closed using a pole, a hand crank or a remote control. Tubular skylights, which are small and circular, permit natural light to hit a small area such as a closet.

Typical sizes for tubular skylights are 10 inches, 13 inches and 14 inches. They channel natural light through a reflective tube. A 10-inch skylight can light an area up to 150 square feet, and a 14-inch one can light an area up to 300 square feet. With adaptions, tubular lights can also be used to supply artificial light at night.

Most skylights are made from acrylic plastic, which is sold under the trade name of Plexiglas, or from tempered or laminated glass. Tempered glass is a safety glass that shatters into thousands of small pieces when broken. The typical shower door is made from tempered glass.

Laminated glass is also a safety glass. It has a middle plastic layer that keeps glass intact if it breaks. A car's front windshield is made of laminated glass. With so many energy-conscious consumers, some skylights are made with Low E glass, which helps keep heat in when its cold and an area cool when it's hot.

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