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The style of a home's roof not only adds aesthetic appeal, but it also provides added protection against weather events such as rainfall, heavy snow and strong wind gusts. Homeowners building a new home or replacing an existing roofing system should consider the different roofing options that can be installed by Sacramento roofing professionals. Becoming familiar with the different styles of roofs helps property owners make sound decisions about the safety and beauty of their home.

The gabled roof is the most popular building style throughout the United States. The side gable situates the pitched plane of the roof to the front and back of the structure, with the triangular shapes to the sides. A front gable rotates this configuration by 90 degrees so that the triangular shape is on the front face of the house. This kind of roof is popular on Cape Cod styles of homes. Other variations on a gabled roof include cross gables, which is where two perpendicular sections of a house come together at a right angle. A Dutch gable is a hybrid between the gabled roof and a hip roof. In this architectural style, the gables are located at the ends of ridges. This adds to the attic space of the home.

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A hip roof is another common way of creating a roof. The primary feature of this style is that all of the sides of the roof are pitched. In addition, all of the walls are of the same height, which is ideal for homeowners who want to create a living space in the attic portion of the structure. A hip roof has considerable internal bracing, making it ideal for use in places where there is a risk of tropical storms, gale force winds or strong cold fronts that deliver sustained winds of greater than 35 miles per hour on a regular basis. The styles of hipped roofing include the simple hip, pyramid hip, half hipped and cross hipped roof.

The gambrel roof is another distinct style and is often referred to as a barn roof. The front and back faces of the roof offer two different pitches. In many homes, dormers are added to the gambrels to create additional living space. Dutch colonial homes and log cabins often have this kind of a roof structure. A spin on this style is the Mansard roof, which uses two slopes on each roof face but on all four sides.

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