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From high winds gusting across the roof to hailstorms, severe weather is the cause of many damages on rooftops. Sacramento roofing professionals are called both during and after storms to access damage and work with insurance companies. However, insurance coverage must be approached with careful consideration by the contractor to ensure accurate policy application. Homeowners should understand the steps necessary to secure a strong insurance claim for a fair roof repair.

Contact a trusted contractor as soon as damage is noticed, preferably after the storm subsides. Roofers cannot survey the property until it's safe to be on the structure's surface. Professionals walk the entire rooftop and document any damages. They'll take notes and snap photos for insurance proof. This documenting process is the most important aspect of insurance claims because it offers clear proof of policy use. Homeowners shouldn't venture on the roof for any reason during this evaluation period.

It's not the homeowner's responsibility to work with the insurance company about proper coverage as experienced contractors have all the information necessary to discuss insurance and damage coverage with agents. Both parties should agree to a meeting time at the property. Contractors and agents discuss the damage to decide on the best course of action. Both professionals must decide if repair or complete replacement is necessary to secure the home below.

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One meeting alone doesn't always complete the insurance claim transaction. Agents may need to research solutions on their own and contact roofers afterward. Reputable roofers want to have as much insurance coverage as possible, giving the homeowners the fairest deal according to the enforced policy. Agents and contractors will come to an agreement at some point while involving homeowners near the end of discussions.

Roofing repairs or replacement will only begin with the homeowner's consent. Insurance policies may only cover part of the damage cost, requiring homeowners to pay the remaining balance. Roofers work with homeowners to make payment as stress free as possible. All insurance funds typically funnel directly to the contractor to pay for materials. Homeowners won't fill out any insurance paperwork with the help of experienced roofers.

Storm damage isn't the only claim that homeowners must time properly with contractors. Material defects governed by warranty notification requirements must be brought to professionals' attention within 30 days, in most cases. If homeowners don't contact roofers about a defect within the required notification period, coverage is often minimal or voided completely. Read over both material warranty and insurance coverage to understand the time limitations in each case.

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