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Sacramento Roofing: Article About Roofing and Poor Weather Forecasts

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It's important that Sacramento roofing professionals be experienced with contractor skills as well as have a good understanding of weather forecasting. When a storm is imminent, roofers cannot be working on a rooftop, but schedules must still be adhered to for customer satisfaction. Taking a look at some of the considerations contractors make gives homeowners a clear view of a roofing job's complexity.

The best way to avoid any weather delays on a roofing project is scheduling the job during a dry season. Each region has slightly different weather patterns, so homeowners must be savvy about local conditions. If the spring is particularly rainy, try a roof project in early summer. The heat won't be too severe while taking advantage of mostly sunny days. Contractors are often busy during these periods, so schedule jobs early on in the year.

Weather is naturally finicky, but contractors do use specific job tactics to avoid any water damage in unexpected weather. Experienced contractors only work on one roof section at a time. They'll pull the old roof material off a square section while allowing the remaining area to stay intact.

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If any winds or rain threaten a job site, contractors simply cover the small exposed area and return when conditions are better.

Professionals also pay attention to weather before they even leave the office for the job site. When forecasters are calling for a guaranteed rainstorm, contractors usually contact the homeowners to reschedule the work. Projects already in progress are not subject to damage if a rain delay occurs either. At the end of each workday, professionals cover the exposed roof section until they return. Even overnight moisture, such as dew, can settle on roof decks and quickly damage them.

Safety is the key concern for contractors and their workers. Rainy conditions create slick rooftops, making falls and slips more possible. Even if homeowners are in a hurry to complete the roof, they shouldn't insist on a rainy workday. Professionals' work quality diminishes when conditions are too difficult to fasten shingles in the proper position or in a timely manner.

Being sure a contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured protects both parties if there is an accident at the roofing site. These coverages allow workers to seek medical attention while preventing any lawsuits from occurring to the contractor or client. Always ask about contractor insurance before the job begins. Homeowners should always have a licensed, bonded, and insured professional as their main roofing contact.

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