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When most people decide to get a new roof on their home, they know that it will cost thousands of dollars and be a big investment. Because of this, homeowners are often willing to do anything they can to keep the roof as long as possible. One of the best ways to ensure a roof lasts for many decades to come is to talk to a Sacramento roofing contractor about ventilation. More often than not, poor ventilation is the cost of quickly aging roofs, and since most homes are under ventilated, it can be well worth it to learn more.

Without proper ventilation, a home can begin to lose energy efficiency and gain indoor air pollution. Homes without proper ventilation in the roof generally just recycle air, which can become stale and even filled with pollutants. In addition, poor ventilation can cause moisture to build up, which leads to mold, condensation and rotting roofs. Fortunately, good roofing contractors know the importance of this and they will guide homeowners when it comes to ventilation in the roof. Otherwise, in just a matter of years, there could be big problems for the homeowner.

In areas where summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees, the temperature in an attic can get up to 145 degrees, and temperatures on the roof itself can be over 180 degrees.

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This is why it is important to have a solid ventilation system on the roof. A good system will have an intake and an exhaust. As the warm air rises naturally, it creates suction near the intake vents. This suction brings cooler air in, which pushes the warm air through the exhaust. In fact, a fireplace works similarly. This cycle helps to regulate the temperature of the shingles, and thus, the temperature of the home.

When thinking about ventilation, the more ventilation a home has, the better off a home will be. There are both attic and roof ventilation systems available. Turbine ventilators are one type, and though they work extremely well, some homeowners do not like how they look. Dormer vents are another option, and these vents can be installed out of sight but do not work as well as a turbine.

Whatever choice the homeowner makes when it comes to venting is bound to be a good option since it may be the difference between having a solid roof for many years to come or looking at a replacement in just a handful of years.

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