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A roof will let the homeowner know when it needs to be replaced. Many different factors can cause a roof to be replaced, including age, weather, poor maintenance and flashing concerns.

The age of a roof is a common cause of roof replacement that Sacramento roofing professionals encounter on a daily basis. Certain types of roofs can last 10 years or more, with many things contributing to its potential lifespan. In order for a roof to last a long time, it needs to be properly ventilated. If the home was previously owned, the homeowner should check if the old roof was removed entirely. If the roof is older than 20 years old, roof replacement may be in the near future.

Weather is another common factor that can cause a homeowner's roof to be replaced. Rain can destroy a roof over time by causing gradual erosion. It's difficult for homeowners to notice gradual erosion, which makes this form of damage critical for a roof. Gradual erosion happens over many years, and by the time the damage is noticed, there is a good chance the roof will need to be replaced.

Hailstorms are known for destroying a roof, especially an asphalt roof.

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The damage a roof receives from hail can cause many issues for a homeowner, including dislodged granules. These are a problem as they can leave the roof unprotected. Deformation of shingles is another issue that can arise from hail damage. Hail can cause shingles to bend and sometimes tear.

Harsh, strong winds can significantly damage a roof over time through the loosening nails and stripping of the roof. Strong winds can also be accompanied by debris that can puncture the roof.

Sometimes, homeowners experience problems with their roof due to poor maintenance. Some invest in DIY projects that do not turn out the way they intended, and the roof never recovers from errors that were made. To be on the safe side, homeowners should have an annual roof inspection performed by a professional in order to maintain a healthy roof and possibly keep up with the warranty.

Many homeowners have issues with their roof's flashing. Flashing can cause a wide range of issues as it's the glue that holds a roof together. Problems with flashing can cause the roof to leak and should be repaired immediately with compatible materials. Prolonging this situation will make matters worse and become a project that costs a considerable amount of money to repair or replace to ensure the home does not encounter further damage.

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