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Sacramento Roofing: Article About Roof Pitches Explained

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Contractors who install Sacramento roofing refer to slope as pitch or the rise and run of the roof. The rise and run are measured by calculating how many inches horizontally the roof tilts for every 12 inches it rises vertically. The degree of roof pitch can help determine the types of materials that would be best suited for the roof. The three types of slopes are flat, low and conventional.

Flat roofs are more common on commercial buildings than residential buildings, but they can be found on both. When it comes to flat roofs, three types are generally used regardless of whether the building is residential or commercial. They include built up roofs (BURs), modified bitumen and rubber membrane.

Built up roofs consist of several layers of felt, tarpaper or membranes, hot tar and gravel or river rock. The waterproofing layers are alternated with hot tar, and gravel is placed over the top for fireproofing and aesthetic appeal. BUR roofs are extremely durable, but they are also heavy and may require extra structural support.

Modified bitumen is a single ply roofing system that is unrolled onto the roof and secured by industrial strength adhesive.

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It is exceptionally waterproof, lightweight and easy to install, but it may scuff and scratch over time.

Rubber membrane roofs consist of a single layer of EDPM rubber. It is UV resistant and waterproof and less resistant to scuffing and scratching than modified bitumen. If the material is purchased without a light colored coating, it can absorb heat, which can increase heating and cooling bills.

Conventionally sloped roofs are most commonly found on residential buildings. The most common types of materials found on conventionally sloped roofs include concrete, composite or wood shingles, metal and slate.

Concrete and composite shingles are easy to install. They have a decent lifespan, and they require little maintenance. However, they are heavy, so if the home wasn't built with a shingle roof, it may need extra support structures.

Wood shingles and shakes are a beautiful alternative to composite and traditional shingles, but they are not as fire resistant and require regular maintenance. They are also considered a premium material.

Metal roofs are lightweight and come in a variety of styles and colors. They are easy to install and are energy efficient as well as fireproof. Metal is more expensive to install than traditional shingles.

Slate roofs can last up to 100 years with little maintenance. However, slate roofs are very expensive to install and extremely heavy.

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