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Homeowners purchase insurance to protect their largest assets, including the home, from any severe damage. From huge thunderstorms to prevailing high winds, the home can be subjected to extreme weather patterns. If there is roof damage after an event, a Sacramento roofing professional can work with homeowners to submit an insurance claim.

Because contractors cannot visit a damaged property the moment residents call, homeowners should be proactive and start the documentation process themselves. They can take a camera and snap photos from the ground level. For example, homeowners might take a photo of shingles hanging from a roof eave. They should photograph the roof from as many angles as possible so that insurance adjusters can thoroughly see the damage.

When contractors arrive, they'll take their own photos on the rooftop itself. Roofers also document the damage. Because homeowners cannot see the roof damage from its surface, photos and detailed notes help all parties understand the extent of the damage. With all photos and details combined, roofers create a reliable estimate for insurance agents.

This detailed estimate is sent to the insurance company. However, homeowners may want to obtain several estimates from various contractors before submitting the details. Although all chosen contractors could be reputable, there might be one company that finds a hidden issue that could be critical to roof stability.

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The insurance company will typically only approve a claim after an agent visits the property for verification.

Homeowners and experienced contractors normally work together when meeting with the insurance adjuster. Contractors may take charge of the conversation to offer as many details as possible to the adjuster. There is usually a walk around process to see all the damage. Homeowners are welcome to offer their thoughts on the potential roof repair or replacement, but the contractor usually has all the details covered. Professionals have extensive experience to back up their discussion with the adjuster. If a contractor cannot make an appointment with the adjuster, however, it's best to reschedule so that all three parties are present. A roofing insurance claim is more successful with all experts examining a property.

With some roofing damages being subtle or obvious, such as curling, it's critical to call for a contractor the moment a weather event ceases. Professionals can survey the property to start an insurance claim immediately. If homeowners wait for an inspection, insurance claims could be stalled or denied because of the long time period between the event and starting the repairs.

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