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Periods of drought can affect any part of the United States, but the dry conditions around California have persisted and even worsened in many areas. In addition to the lack of rain, many areas have also seen an increase in wildfires. Combined, these two situations can put homes at risk. Homeowners can take steps and work with a Sacramento roofing contractor to protect their houses during drought conditions.

While most people consider the soil when there is a prolific lack of rain, there are additional risks up in the air. Trees that are not getting enough water may become diseased or simply die due to insufficient moisture. Falling limbs or even the whole tree can put the roof and home at risk. An arborist can assess a tree within proximity of a home to determine if it is a risk, and trim or remove it if it could cause a roofing problem. When drought conditions become extreme, lawns can be allowed to die in favor of using the water to help preserve the life of larger trees.

Another area of concern is the surface of the roof. If a wildfire should develop nearby, blowing embers may land on the rooftop and ignite it.

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However, some types of roofing materials naturally resist fire. Metal sheet roofing, clay and slate tile roofs are all resistant to fire. When a roofing system needs to be replaced, homeowners in drought prone areas could consider using these materials rather than traditional asphalt shingles.

To help lessen the risk of embers getting close to their property, owners can remove any flammable or combustible items from their yards. Piles of wood, dried out shrubs, old picnic tables and wooden sheds are all things that could be removed from the outdoors in order to reduce the amount of places that could catch fire. As a replacement, homeowners could plant drought resistant plants such as cacti and other ground cover. Rather than a dried out lawn or bushes, homeowners might even consider installing a rock garden around the perimeter of their homes, rather than plants that require considerable watering.

When rain does fall, this valuable resource can be preserved and reused by using a rainwater harvesting or collection system. Even a setup as simple as a water diverter and a water barrel would suffice. As the rain lands on the roof and flows down its slope, it is collected in the barrel and can be used to water the landscaping, garden or for flushing the toilet.

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