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Skylights offer a simple way to make interior spaces brighter, reducing the need for electrically powered illumination during the day. Typically installed during construction, some skylights open to supply ventilation in addition to light. Many remain stationary, providing light only. Skylights added to existing structures add value along with cutting down on electricity consumption. Adding skylights to existing structures is a little more complex and induces anxiety from the perspective of cutting a large hole in an otherwise perfect roof. A professional Sacramento roofing company realizes this reality and takes extra precautions to ensure that their work provides an improvement rather than a potential problem.

The majority of skylights bring light in through cathedral ceilings where the interior ceiling and the roof run closely parallel to each other. These work well for bedrooms, family rooms and kitchens. These areas of homes often have large window areas, so natural illumination during the day is already present to a decent extent.

Areas of homes where flat ceilings separated from roofs by greater distances prevent the use of ventilating and fixed skylights.

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Hallways, interior bedrooms and second floor bathrooms that do not receive much natural illumination use tubular skylights to gather light from the roof and transfer it down a long tube to where needed.

A dome of the roof lets sunlight into a long tube lined with reflective material. On the inside, a diffuser disperses the light well beyond the opening. Tubular skylights provide as much light as larger conventional skylights. Installation is much quicker. Structural framing seldom needs modification. Repairing and painting ceilings seldom takes place. Professionals typically install a tubular skylight is as little as two hours, minimizing any inconvenience caused by construction.

Flexible reflective tubes that transfer the light from the roof to the interior spaces mean that the opening in the roof and the ceiling do not have to be in a straight line. This allows tubular skylights to work perfectly for areas otherwise inappropriate for other skylights, even for areas lacking direct roof access or obstructions from roof framing.

Some tubular skylights often sport a baffle for adjusting the incoming light. Even when included, tubular skylights typically cost less than stationary and ventilating types. The simplicity of installation offers additional cost benefits.

A tubular skylight often means that dimly illuminated areas no longer need electric lights during the day, lowering energy costs and supplying a faster return on investment along with the environmental benefits.

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