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Many homeowners don't think about doing repairs to their roofs until after they notice problems. Unfortunately, this is usually when their roofs start to leak. By this point, significant damage has already been done and will cost more money to repair. What homeowners should be trying to do is catch these problems when they are still in the early stages. Hiring Sacramento roofing experts to perform roof inspections is the best way to catch these problems before they manifest into much larger issues.

Purchasing a home may be the biggest investment that most people will ever make in their lives, so protecting this investment should be of the utmost importance. This protection starts with the roof. Unfortunately, even high end roofs eventually need to be replaced or repaired, so there are several major reasons why homeowners should have their roofs inspected.

A roof inspection will check for dryness. While most people believe that heavy rain is the biggest enemy of roofs, the sun's harsh UV rays can dry out roofs and cause severe damage. UV rays and heat eventually cause roof coverings to crack and fall off. It can also increase the fire hazard. With frequent rain or severe rainstorms, roofs can also sustain massive damage.

Homeowners should also have their roofs inspected after stormy weather.

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Stormy weather brings not only heavy rain but also strong winds. These winds can loosen or rip roofing material right off its foundation. This allows moisture to penetrate the underlayment and roofing deck. Since these layers of the roofing system are not waterproof, significant damage can be done in a short period of time.

Roofers inspect more than just the roof covering; they also check other roofing fixtures such as metal flashing, gutters and vents. These are all elements of roofs that have to be working correctly and must be properly maintained in order for roofs to reach their full life expectancy. For example, roof vents create better air circulation by replacing the hot air inside the attic with cooler air from outside. The cool air is taken in via the air intake vent located near the bottom of the roof, and the hot air is pushed out via the outtake vent located near the top of the roof. Keeping roofs cooler slows down the decaying process.

The last major reason why homeowners should have their roofs inspected is for curbside appeal. Keeping a home looking good increases not only the homeowner's pride but also the home's value. Homeowners should keep in mind that most of the warranties that they get are transferable if they ever choose to sell their homes. However, these warranties are often void if the roofs aren't properly maintained.

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