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If everything is going well with the home, it can be tempting to put off that yearly roof and gutter inspection. However, that might not be a good idea. Professional evaluations are designed to catch problems while they are still in their infancy, so homeowners can have them taken care of before they evolve into costlier problems. The roof is one of the most expensive areas that can go wrong with a home. Yearly inspections by a qualified Sacramento roofing contractor can catch any repair issues the homeowner might have missed.

Not all homeowners are experienced in what to look for regarding roofing and gutter problems. If a leak is overlooked, it can threaten the structural soundness of the roof, attic, electrical system and even the family's health. A leaking roof isn't just annoying. The dampness can cause the roof's flashing to rust, the shingles to disintegrate or mold to start growing in the insulation. Tripped breakers create fire hazards. Structural damage from rot is another problem that can develop when leaks are not caught and fixed in a timely manner.

A professional roof inspection also offers the homeowner an estimate of the roof's lifespan. That can be important for future financial planning. When homeowners know when to expect to replace the roof, they can give more attention to the various options available.

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Without feeling rushed, they can investigate different alternatives at their leisure. Prior knowledge will also give them time to save up for options that might cost more initially but may be to the homeowners advantage. Going with a metal roof rather than composition shingles might be one such alternative for California residents.

In addition, a professional contractor will also give homeowners an inspection certificate. The inspection is normally good for two to five years depending on where the home is located. A certificate is useful when the homeowner is thinking of selling the home. Buyers will appreciate knowing how long the roof is estimated to last.

Professional roofing inspections by a qualified expert should be a part of every roofing maintenance program. It is also a good idea to have the roof evaluated after a heavy storm or if signs of a leak are appearing in the attic. Homeowners shouldn't wait for the next regular inspection if they see peeling paint, water stains on the ceiling or cracks starting to form down the walls. It is always better to err on the side of caution, so any problems can be fixed right away.

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