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When the fall season comes to an end, it's important to prepare your home for harsh weather and high winds once the winter season arrives. This includes making it a point to winterize your roof with certain steps that should be taken. To ensure that your home is protected from extensive damage, there are several measures to take ahead of time.

It's important to have rain gutters cleaned and cleared of any debris that may be present. Rain gutters that are clogged or are backed up can prevent proper flow of rainwater on the roof and cause pools of water to sit on top of the home. This can quickly lead to leaks or sagging on the roof, which will lead to interior damage on the property.

Another important step to take is to hire a professional Sacramento roofing specialist to inspect the roof for tiles or shingles that may be missing. Similarly, shingles may be curled up due to excessive sun exposure and can cause a lack of protection on the home.

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Loose tiles or shingles should be cemented to the roof in order to prevent them from becoming loose due to heavy rain or high winds that occur in the coming months.

One of the most common ways that damage occurs to the interior of the home is water damage from leaks that are not identified before winter arrives. It's important to inspect the ceiling of the home's attic to identify any water spots that may be present. You can also look for sunlight that comes in through the roof to determine how many leaks need to be repaired immediately. Similarly, flashing around chimneys or sunroofs should also be replaced if it has deteriorated.

Structures that have begun to sag should be replaced immediately due to a vulnerability from excess weight. If snow or rainfall weighs on the roof for an extended period of time, it can cause portions of the roof to cave in and will lead to water damage in the home. For roofs that are durable and intact, it's important to have de icing cables installed on top of the home. This product will work to melt snow that may be present to ensure that it drips off the home.

Roofs that are prone to developing icicles when low temperatures hit should have proper insulation in the attic. This will prevent damage to the roof from the icicles that can quickly form.

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