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Sacramento Roofing: Article About Potential Rain Gutter Problems

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A quality rain gutter system diverts water away from the roof and carefully deposits it on the ground in a controlled manner. Throughout the process, the gutters protect the siding, attic and nearby landscaping from water damage. When downspouts are angled properly and kept clean of leaves and other debris, water flows smoothly safeguarding the home's foundation. Gutters or downspouts in need of repair should not be ignored. Putting off repairs can endanger the roof.

Typical problems with the gutters include leaking seams or joints. Cracks or holes in the pipe are also problematic. Sometimes, the gutters pull loose from the fascia board and need to be reattached by a Sacramento roofing expert. If the gutters are filled with leaves or the downspouts are not draining properly, rainwater can back up onto the roof and seep underneath the shingles. The dampness can ruin the roof's deck, rafters or other structures. When water enters the attic's insulation, it can begin to mold.

Mold spores will endanger the family's heath, especially if it spreads into the ceiling, walls and electrical system. This can be difficult for asthmatics, but mold puts the entire family at risk for respiratory infections.

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If mold spores become airborne, the mold can quickly spread to other areas of the roof, including the gutters. Moldy gutters can be a serious problem because certain types of shingles are especially prone to mold.

Damp shingles can also start to degenerate. Cracks or pinholes from pooling water will allow more moisture to pass through the shingles and into important roof structures that are easily damaged by the excess water. Combined with mold spores, rotting wood can do a lot of expensive damage. In many cases, walls have to be torn out, the room or ceiling re framed and new insulation put down. That can be costly since roof leaks are not always visible and easily discovered.

Poorly designed downspouts won't dump water far enough away from the home's foundation and can be especially problematic during wet times of the year. Wet ground puts pressure against the home's foundation. If the dampness continues for any length of time, it can cause the foundation to crack. Once cracked, water can seep through the concrete and damage the house. Since weather can be particularly hard on gutters and downspouts, it is always a good idea to have a reputable contractor inspect and clean the gutters when checking out the roof. That way, problems can be fixed before they become extensive.

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