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Metal roofing can be an excellent rooftop solution, capable of answering almost all homeowner concerns. This material is extremely durable and capable of withstanding all types of damage, including physical abrasions and weathering. It is also long lasting, with some systems lasting as long as 50 years with proper maintenance. Homeowners typically choose metal roofing systems because they are easy to maintain as well. They need to be inspected much less frequently than other roofing systems. While these rooftops can be low maintenance compared to other options, homeowners should still remember not to neglect regular inspection procedures. Sacramento roofing specialists encourage homeowners to follow a few basic tips to improve the condition of their metal roof.

A large part of determining the right maintenance procedures depends on the roofing itself. Not all metal roofing systems are the same as the general metal term can refer to any number of types and constructions. The most common types of metal used to build metal rooftops include copper, tin, steel and aluminum. Some unique metals may also be used, such as lead coated copper and zinc.

Knowing what type of metal the roofing system uses will help homeowners determine how to keep it clean. A copper roofing system needs to be soldered for proper repair.

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A steel system will need to be reviewed for rust regularly as steel is particularly prone to oxidation and rusting. This means that water should be used sparingly during its cleaning. Each system may differ in its specific maintenance procedure, but almost all types of metal should be treated with some type of rust inhibitor in order to prevent rust from developing and spreading along its surface.

How the roof is constructed also affects the necessary maintenance procedures. If the rooftop features metal shingles, individual sections of the roof will need to be inspected carefully to make sure that the shingles are holding up well. Cracks, dents and other signs of wear may need to be addressed, especially if loose shingles do not fall off as a result of fastener damage. If the roofing system is made up of flat panels, the entire roof may need to be inspected. Homeowners are encouraged to put some distance between themselves and their house in order to use binoculars to inspect the roof. It is not recommended to climb on top of the roof because metal is a slippery and dangerous material to walk across for those without the proper training.

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