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Sacramento Roofing: Article About Knowing When To Replace Gutters

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Rain gutters keep water off the sides and foundations of the house. They protect against the severe damage that occurs if water soaks into housing materials, and it's vital that homeowners keep their gutters clean and in good working condition. When properly maintained, gutters can last a very long time, but even the best gutters will need to be replaced by Sacramento roofing professionals eventually. Homeowners should periodically examine their gutters to see if it may be time for a new set.

Rusty gutters or gutters with holes or breaks should be replaced. Gutters that aren't structurally sound will not be capable of moving water efficiently, and while they can be potentially patched up, they are probably old enough and enough of an eyesore to warrant replacement.

Sagging, twisted or distorted gutters have likely been pulling their weight for long enough. Bent gutters may not be able to direct water to the downspouts. This results in sitting water that can spill out onto the roof or into the siding, causing rot and decay.

Gutters that keep separating from the house won't be able to catch water coming down off the roof.

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This water can spill down the side of the house, which can damage the siding and get into the foundation potentially causing flooding in the basement. Gutters coming off of the house can be a sign that not only are the gutters themselves in need of replacement, but the fascia boards the gutters were anchored to may need replacing as well. Nails or screws that held the gutters in place may completely separate and fall to the ground, presenting a potential safety hazard.

Aside from a direct examination of the gutters, there are other signs the gutters may not be operating properly. If the basement of the home floods, if the landscaping near the house starts looking washed out, or if the paint on the side of the house starts looking streaky or faded in patches, the gutters may not be performing up to snuff and are allowing water to get in places it should not be.

It's a good idea for homeowners to seek professional help when replacing gutters. Gutter installation can be potentially dangerous and difficult if the proper safety protocols and tools aren't used, and there may be damage to the boards the gutters were attacked to that need to be repaired or replaced as well. Roofing and gutter experts will be able to evaluate what needs to be done and will be able to install the new gutters and downspouts quickly and efficiently.

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