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Homeowners who are looking for the maximum bang for their buck would do well to consider cap sheet roofing. Cap sheet roofing is a type of asphalt roll roofing that is relatively cheap and quite easy to install. Some homeowners may wish to install it themselves, but experts do not recommend this. While it is possible for an amateur to do a passable job of installing this sort of roofing, a professional will invariably do a better job. As the labor is not particularly expensive for this job, most people will find a Sacramento roofing company worth the money.

While it is fairly easy for a professional roofer to install cap sheet roofing, the process is still somewhat complicated. The job can take a team of roofers an entire day if the roof is quite large. This is especially true if the roof is already covered with another roofing material. In this case, the roofers need to take care because of the additional weight of the cap sheet roofing. While it is relatively light, it will still place some strain upon the roof's structural supports.

The first step that a roofer installing cap sheet roofing will take is to clean the roof thoroughly. Usually, this is done with a special broom and a special mop. An experienced roofer will often have an apprentice roofer take care of this part of the job.

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After the roof has been cleaned, the roofer will install drip edges. These are metal rails that direct water off the roof, and they're generally made out of aluminum. The roofer will likely hand make these with tin snips whilst his apprentice cleans the roof. The drip edges are carefully nailed to the perimeter of the roof.

Next, the roofers must install the roofing felt. This is kept in rolls like the roofing, but it is much thinner and lighter. While the roofing is nailed down, the felt only needs to be stapled down.

After the roofers have finished installing the felt, it is time for the roofing itself to be installed. The first part of this process is applying the roofing cement. This is usually put on the felt with paintbrushes, and several roofers will do this simultaneously to ensure the task is finished more quickly.

When the roofing cement has been applied, it is time to install the roofing itself. This is unrolled over the roof in sheets. Experienced roofers usually find it easier to start at the bottom and work their way to the top. The roll roofing is then nailed down with a nail gun.

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