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Whether a homeowner is building a home from scratch or completely replacing an existing roof, it is important to create something that can last for many years. Therefore, it is a good idea to work directly with a Sacramento roofing professional who can identify the right materials for a given home. A contractor will consider the home's location, typical weather conditions and the slope of the roof when choosing materials to build it with.

Let's say that a home is located on a lot that receives plenty of direct sunlight. It may be worthwhile to use slate or clay tiles instead of asphalt shingles because they do a better job of reflecting the sun's rays. In addition to protecting the roof against sun damage, it may also keep the house cooler during the summer. While asphalt shingles can be coated to protect against excess sunlight, a slate or clay tile may provide the better value in the long run.

If a home is located on a lot that experiences high winds on a regular basis, the goal of the contractor is to keep the roof tied down.

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This is because the force of the wind will want to blow upward against the roof, which could cause it to detach from the home or separate from the rest of the structure. Should this be a concern to homeowners, a heavier material may be used to support the roof and metal fasteners may be used at regular intervals.

Weather conditions and the pitch of a roof will often determine how much weight that it will need to hold. Contractors will have to take this into account when coming up with a minimum design load. Doing so ensures that the roof will not collapse the first time someone walks on it or the first time that a strong gust of wind interacts with it.

If the roof will need to be able to withstand a large human or environmental load, it may need to be built from lighter materials such as aluminum or copper. Such materials may also be appropriate for use in custom projects as they are both highly malleable.

Putting a roof on a home is more than just building a support structure and putting shingles on it. Homeowners and contractors need to work together to ensure that it will meet the needs of the homeowners while being able to withstand the elements both now and many years into the future.

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