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When a homeowner is looking to replace or repair a roof, they may want to consider how their contractor ensures sustainability and helps to protect the environment. In Sacramento roofing companies that are committed to sustainability will participate in activities such as recycling shingles and using green products.

Contractors can benefit the environment and keep production costs down by recycling shingles. By recycling, a business saves everyone money. The most common shingles used on homes are asphalt shingles which can be used for roads after their lifetime expires. Using old asphalt shingles reduces the need to use oil for paving, thereby impacting national dependence on foreign oil. In addition, by using the materials in the old shingles, fewer natural resources are used. Because the old shingles are directed back into other manufacturing, less goes to landfills.

Recycling is not available everywhere, but it is increasing. When a company recycles roofing materials, they are able to recycle the shingles, underlayment, felt, flashing and nails. Other materials, such as wood need to be separated out. The nails do not need to be removed as they can be pulled out by a magnet at the grinding yard.

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For every ton of torn off shingles, fifteen pounds of nails can be recovered and recycled.

One way to know if a contractor employs recycling in their practices is to look for the GAF Green Roofer certification. One requirement under the certification is to commit to recycling shingles. GAF certified Green Roofers are also required to complete training regarding asphalt shingles and their use in green homes.

A Green Roofer may do more than recycle asphalt shingles. There are a number of green roofing options available. Other materials that are considered green include metal, rubber and slate or clay roofs. Metal roofs are durable and have an extended life span of about 50 years. The metal helps reflect the sun and its heat, resulting in a reduction in the energy needed to cool a home. At the end of its lifespan, a metal roof can be recycled. Rubber roofs are made from recycled radial tires and have a life span of about 50 years. Be sure to check the building codes in the area to see if they are permitted. Slate and clay roofs are good in warmer climates. They are durable and can last a long time if not subjected to freezing and thawing. When they reach the end of their lifetime, these heavier shingles can be salvaged for other uses.

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