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The roof is one of the most important aspects of any home, and insurance companies treat it as such because roofs result in some of their biggest expenses. What some homeowners do not know is that most insurance companies prefer whole roof replacements to repairs. Insurance companies will not foot the bill for maintenance expected of the homeowner, but filing a claim for roof damage is often a more streamlined process than when filing for other aspects of a home.

Many homeowners are surprised when an insurance company gives a Sacramento roofing company the go ahead to replace a roof rather than repair it, and this behavior is not unusual. What usually determines how an insurance company will approach a roof is whether it uses actual cash value, which a homeowner can determine by reading the declaration page of the insurance policy or by calling the insurance agent. The most preferable policies do not use ACV, which means that the insurance will repair or replace the roof due to damage regardless of its age.

When roof damage is covered, homeowners are usually expected to pay a deductible, and the insurance company pays the difference between the deductible and the roofing quote.

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Some roofing companies take advantage of this by discounting the quote by the amount of the deductible. This can be a good deal for homeowners, but one must ensure that they are dealing with a reputable, established roofing contractor and that the discount does not drive the price too low.

When choosing a home insurance policy, it is best to target replacement coverage and as low a deductible as is practical. Replacement coverage will ensure that the insurance company does not use ACV. Homeowners should pay particular attention to the fine print as it concerns hail. The gouges caused by hail can easily require an entire roof to replaced, and because of that, many insurance companies seek to limit their liability when it comes to hail damage.

If a storm occurs and homeowners suspect damage, they should schedule estimates and call their insurance companies immediately. Be wary of roofing companies that chase storms. If such a company does alert a homeowner to potential damage, that homeowner should schedule estimates with local companies. When the time comes to replace a roof because of age, it is a good idea to involve the insurance company even though they are not paying for it. Companies will often send out an appraiser who will answer questions, provide advice and inform the homeowner on the specifics and caveats of his or her particular policy.

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