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There are a number of roofing companies that can replace or repair roofing systems. Choosing the prefect roofer can seem like a challenging task since most companies are designed to look good on the surface. However, there are certain things that a homeowner can look for before hiring a Sacramento roofing company to handle a roofing project.

The first thing that the homeowner should consider is how well the roofer handles and solves customer complaints. It's impossible for a roofer to be perfect all the time, so there will be moments when the company has to solve customer issues. The best way for homeowners to find out how roofers do this is to request referrals from past jobs that involved some kind of complaint. Not all roofers will agree to this, but the ones who do are confident in the way they handled the complaints. Another way to gain this information is for homeowners to check for complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. If complaints are found, they can talk to the roofers to find out how long it took to resolve the complaints and what was done to fix them.

Homeowners should also find out if the roofers they want to hire offer workmanship warranties. These differ from manufacturer warranties because homeowners are covered in the event that leaks occur because of poor installation.

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Most of the time, workmanship warranties cover any installation mistakes that are identified within the first year. Since manufacturers only offer warranties if their products are installed correctly, making sure that contractors offer workmanship warranties is very important. It's just as important for homeowners to have the warranties explained in detail. Both the homeowners and contractors should have copies of these details.

Additionally, homeowners should ensure that their roofers carry insurance, including both liability and compensation insurance. This protects the homeowners in the event that the roofers become injured while working on their property. When roofers say that they have insurance, homeowners should always ask to see the certificates to prove it rather than take the contractors at their word. If a roofer is not willing to show an insurance certificate, this should raise a warning flag for the homeowner.

Finally, it's best to choose roofers who have physical addresses. Those with addresses that are close by may indicate that they can provide faster and better service. If roofers only provide PO boxes, the homeowners should ask for some kind of street address. Most roofers should be willing to provide this basic information to their clients.

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