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If gutters do not carry away water the way they are designed to, then the water backs up and problems start. Water that has backed up seeps beneath shingles and leaks into the sheathing of the roof, starting wood rot and other damage. This is not always an easy thing to spot before the damage is done.

Gutter systems must have the correct slope to carry away water efficiently. Sacramento roofing companies know that a good rule of thumb is to have a slope of about one inch for every ten feet of horizontal gutter. There should be downspouts at least every 35 feet. Spike and ferrule devices, straps and brackets all serve to fasten the various parts of a gutter system together.

One of the main reasons why gutters back up is blockage from collected leaves, twigs and other green waste. The simplest solution is to use a ladder to get to the gutters and clear this collected green waste by hand. Next, all the gutters on the roof should be flushed by water from a garden hose. This process should be done in late autumn, after the leaves are done falling, and in the spring.

Wire baskets placed over the downspouts of the gutter will prevent green waste from getting into the pipe. The debris still must be removed by hand at the baskets, but this is much easier than trying to get it out of the pipe.

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Screens can be used to cover the tops of gutters. They are designed to stop the debris before it gets into the gutter itself and give it a place to dry out and blow away. While the result is often a soggy mess which needs to be cleared by hand, this is still better than trying to clear an obstruction in the gutter itself.

Once gutters have carried water away from the roof, it is important to get it away from right next to the foundation wall. One way to accomplish this is with splash blocks that carry the water about foot away and spread it out. Another way is to extend the downspout horizontally along the ground. Gutter systems are usually made of metal and vinyl, and additional sections can be attached by using gutter screws. 90 degree turns can by handled by using elbows, or making cutouts and creating a hinge with gutter screws.

An alternative to gutters is to use louvers that allow water to flow through them off the roof. An advantage of louvers is that they get water off a roof very quickly. However, the water then falls near the side of the structure where it can eventually seep into the foundation.

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