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Although gutters serve a good purpose, they can sometimes decrease the aesthetic appeal of a building. A few roofing styles are designed to expel water far enough from the base of the structure to eliminate the need for them. Special efforts can also be made to build a drainage system that is not externally visible regardless of the roof type. For more information about gutter free construction, property owners can contact a Sacramento roofing company. A reliable specialist in the industry will provide an overview of the various roofing layouts and explain why some designs can function without gutters while others require them.

If the eaves do not extend at least six inches past the outer wall, then water will drip from the roof in close proximity to the building's foundation. This moisture can get into the basement or, unless the soil drains well, even destabilize the structural foundation. The client who is looking for a roof style that needs no gutters should choose one with a very large overhang. If the yard slopes away from the foundation, this feature alone may be sufficient in the prevention of framework damage and terrain erosion.

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A ground drainage system, which normally consists of a gravel layer under the drip line around the building's perimeter, can be added as an extra precaution.

The shape of the rooftop determines how much water is shed on each side. Since a gable roof has only two slopes, the amount of precipitation that gushes from each side can be large. A hip roof, on the other hand, allows for a more even runoff because the water is moving in four distinct directions. When built with extended eaves, a hip roof can be a viable option for the homeowner who wants no gutters. Although a flat roof often creates a problem with ponding, it doesn't usually dump water over the sides at an intense rate. In some cases, a low slope may provide a favorable setting for an alternative draining solution.

Many innovative drainage techniques have been devised so that building owners can be gutter free even when their roofing systems are not ideal. For example, a concrete apron can be constructed around the foundation for the sake of directing water outward. Some contemporary buildings have scuppers and splash blocks based on how the rain normally hits the structure. A rain chain, which was originally used in Asia, is another inventive option. While most clients prefer to have a dependable gutter system installed, those who dislike the appearance of the troughs can still find a way to stay dry.

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