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In order to help protect the environment, many businesses and homeowners are looking for Sacramento roofing solutions that are certified green and eco-friendly. While it's easy to find roofing companies that claim to be green, it's more difficult to understand what it truly means to be a green roofing organization. Here are some of the practices and materials used by green companies. Knowing them makes it easier to spot the truly green.

Green roofers recycle shingles and other roofing materials whenever possible. Before hiring a roofer, ask them what they do with the old shingles and recyclable roofing debris. A company who regularly recycles should be able to indicate where they send old roofing materials without hesitation.

Environmentally conscious roofers also encourage the use of eco friendly shingles. While the final say about the roofing materials used on a particular job always falls to the customer, green roofers encourage the use of shingles made from recycled materials like plastic, rubber, and wood fibers. Wooden shingles are also more environmentally friendly and likely to be on a green roofer's shingle suggestion list. Metal roofing is also highly recyclable, as are roofs made of natural slate and clay.

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To be truly eco friendly, a roof needs to incorporate materials other than just recycled or natural shingles. Plywood decking should be made of plywood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council whenever it is feasible to do so and, like shingles, roofing felt can be made from recycled materials. Even flashing materials should be considered, as lead and copper flashing adds chemicals to water runoff while power coated steel avoids this problem.

Roofers with a bent towards environmental protection frequently recommend roofing materials that bear the Energy Star logo. The Energy Star seal is given to products proven to be energy efficient. Energy efficient products save on heating and cooling costs and reduce the amount of energy and fossil fuels needed to heat and cool a home, making them better for the environment than other materials.

Keep in mind that environmental protections shouldn't just apply to the job site itself. Green practices should also be used at roofing company headquarters. Ask if the office staff at a roofing company recycles paper and goes paperless whenever possible. Soda cans and other waste items produced by office staff should also be recycled as part of a company's efforts to go green. Some roofers may also utilize hybrid vehicles to reduce the emissions created by the company fleet as vans and work trucks head to various job sites each morning and return each night.

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