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Sacramento roofing contractors are professional experts at fixing all kinds of roofing problems. They have experienced and dealt with nearly every type of leak or damage imaginable. In some situations, however, a homeowner may want to fix small, common roof leaks on their own. A DIY project such as this can save the homeowner a lot of money. Understanding typical problems and how to fix them can mean the difference between a simple repair and a costly one. The following tips show how to solve the most common residential roof leaks.

The roof is one of the most complex parts of a home. Depending on the architectural design, there may be literally dozens of potential points of entry for water. The most common problem areas are found around penetrations at the chimney, ventilation holes, plumbing fixtures and above doors, windows and dormers. These areas require flashing material to be properly installed in order to ensure they're sufficiently insulated against water. Over time or due to faulty installation, the flashing material may fail and start to leak. Fortunately, fixing small leaks around these areas is relatively easy.

Plumbing vents that exit through the roof are prone to leaking.

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This is because the gasket boot intended to seal the hole either deteriorates with time or isn't installed properly. Inspecting this gasket and the nails underneath for damage will show whether it is the cause of a leak. The plastic or rubber gasket may be rotten or not seated over the hole properly. By simply purchasing and installing a new gasket as well as resetting any loose or missing nails beneath, it should repair the leak.

Roof vents for dryers and bathrooms are also common problem areas. Unfortunately, in order to fix a leak here, one must replace the entire vent unit. In most cases, total replacement is needed because the unit has broken or the water barrier seam has cracked, but it is a relatively simple process. Basically, remove all the nails holding the old vent in place, drop the new one in and nail it in place. Seal with a bead of silicone and replace the shingles.

Not all leaks are located on the roof. In many cases, a leak can occur around windows, dormers and doors. This is usually caused by wind driven rain entering through old, deteriorated caulk. Fortunately, this is a relatively simple fix. Using a putty knife, remove all the old caulk and ensure the area is clean and dry. Repair with a thick bead of silicone caulk.

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