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In most cases, a Sacramento roofing company can easily locate a leak. Water entering a home from the roof is typically apparent due to damage or stains. However, sometimes the problem is less obvious. In these situations, it's important to perform a comprehensive roof inspection to locate the leak and repair it before it can turn into a costly expense. While this is a vital step, it is possible for a homeowner to do it themselves in a competent fashion. Many times, a DIY roof inspection can save a good amount of money, especially when future repairs are needed. These simple tips will help homeowners find roof leaks on their own.

Usually, a leak can be found by tracing the water stains back to their source. By looking uphill from the leak, the problem area can be located. Typically, the source will be any penetration in the roof above where the water is entering the home. The most common culprits include the chimney, plumbing or exhaust pipes and vent holes. These penetrations are supposed to be covered by flashing that's intended to block water. Sometimes, however, the flashing is installed improperly or has deteriorated due to time and must be replaced. These entrance points are the first place to look when trying to locate a leak.

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If the home has an attic access, then that is where any leak inspection should start. By looking for leaks in the attic, one should be able to see the evidence of water damage. With a flashlight, the homeowner should check for visible signs such as dark marks, stains or mold. Once the leak has been found in the attic, the homeowner should search for the actually penetration point. This could be a nail hole or a break in the roof's underlayment. By poking a thin, sturdy wire through the hole, the homeowner or contractor will be able to find and repair the problem from the other side.

Some leaks are tougher to find. In these situations, going onto the roof is unavoidable. With a helper, the homeowner should take a water hose to the general area of the leak. Position the helper inside the home where the leak is located. Start the hose running just above where the suspected penetration is and leave it for several minutes. Slowly move the hose up from the starting location until the helper sees visible signs of water dripping into the home.

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