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Many times, a roof doesn't need to be completely replaced when it starts leaking. A leaky roof is usually caused by a small problem in one area. In these cases, it makes sense to have a Sacramento roofing company come in to make repairs. Since this doesn't happen frequently, it's helpful to go into the process with some idea of what to expect.

First of all, a leaky roof can be a minor emergency. This is especially true if water is pouring in, but it's still a pressing matter if it's just a small leak and the weather report predicts rain for the next few days. Small leaks can still cause water damage to the wood, or they can allow mold and mildew to grow. For this reason, a homeowner should expect the roofing company to treat the problem like the emergency it is, and they should have someone out to inspect the roof within a day or two, depending on the severity of the problem.

The workers sent should be able to do a brief inspection of the roof and identify where the problem is coming from. It's important to note that the leak isn't always directly underneath a visible water stain. In some cases, the water will leak in through a small hole, then travel along the beam a short distance before dripping and pooling below.

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It could be soaking in the sheathing and then dripping. A good contractor knows this and lets the homeowner know what's happening and why.

Many homeowners feel out of their league when it comes to roofing problems. If they've hired a quality company, they should expect the workers to give a good explanation of the problem and what the choices are when it comes to a solution. Getting a written estimate is the right move, especially if comparing companies before making a decision.

The repairs should be done quickly and efficiently. Homeowners might be concerned about matching current shingles, but the company should be able to make the repairs as invisible as possible. In some cases, the current shingles may no longer be available, or they may have faded, so the roofer should show the homeowner a few different options for making the best match. Once the repairs have been done, there should be no further problems, and most companies offer some type of guarantee on their work.

Homeowners don't need to settle when it comes to getting roof repairs done. Knowing what to expect from a good company can make the decision process easier.

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