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Roofing practices haven't always been environmentally friendly, especially with waste being disposed of in huge amounts. Today's Sacramento roofing professionals have a different outlook on their industry, however. Homeowners can actively seek out contractors who practice green services as much as possible. There are a few key elements to look for in a contractor when searching for a company to collaborate with during a big roofing project.

A simple way that contractors are starting their green practices is through fuel conservation. Roofing service vehicles consume substantial gasoline or diesel amounts, contributing to atmospheric emissions. Organized roofers can help the environment and lower fuel costs simultaneously with strategic service routes. Reducing left turn occurrences during a daily service route, for example, prevents excessive idling as vehicles yield to traffic. Using more right turns and straight roads keeps the vehicle moving swiftly with reduced emissions. Fuel savings may even be passed on to customers through discounts or lower labor rates.

Many contractors want to be officially certified as green service providers. State authorities and roofing material manufacturers actually certify companies when they pass specialized tests. Aside from reducing waste and emissions in the field, roofers must also have a sustainable office system. Reducing paperwork waste, for instance, saves money and trees in the long run.

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A major green certification feature is recycling. Shingles are usually made of asphalt and other tough materials. When roofers tear shingles off a building, there is a huge waste volume normally entering local landfills. Green roofers actively search out recycling companies to process all shingle waste. These recyclers turn shingles into roadway materials and other products to help the Earth even further.

New roofs don't have to be only black or brown in color. Roofing materials come in many different colors to match any exterior decor. With an experienced installer, those new color matched shingles covering the rake and other roof areas can make a home appear brand new. Homeowners should look for light color materials to contribute to an environmentally friendly household. Light colors reflect sunlight, allowing the home to stay cooler even on a hot day. Homeowners don't have to use the air conditioner as much. Because less electricity is used on cooling, there is reduced strain on the Earth with lower fossil fuel needs at electric companies.

Green roofing practices are slowly becoming a key feature homeowners seek in a contractor. Roofers are actively searching out classes and training to keep their employees as environmentally conscious as possible. Homeowners simply need to research local green certified contractors to narrow down their selections for a roof repair or replacement.

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