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Rising energy costs, worries about climate change and a host of other environmental concerns lead many U.S. consumers to embrace the green home trend. After all, a green home can prevent the emission of 4,500 pounds of greenhouse gases a year. Converting an existing home to a completely green home can be daunting, though, so many homeowners often start small. One of the most common ways consumers begin the green conversion is by replacing an old, worn out roof with a more efficient, eco friendly system.

The first step to finding and installing an environmentally friendly roof is to use the services of a Certified Green Roofer. These experienced Sacramento roofing professionals are among the nation's top roofers and are committed to green practices like recycling old shingles. Because they are educated in planet friendly roofing, Certified Green Roofers can help homeowners select the best roof for the home's needs, whether that's solar roofing, metal roofing or cool roofing.

New streamlined solar shingles and dramatically reduced installation costs make solar roofs wildly popular. The new shingle and flexible film technology allows photovoltaic cells to be incorporated seamlessly into just about any roof covering, including asphalt shingles, slate, clay tiles and cedar shakes.

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They'll also save homeowners about 40 to 70 percent on electricity.

Metal roofs are also great options, offering new styles that look just like traditional asphalt shingles, tiles and slate. Metal's popularity is partially due to its recyclable nature. Metal roofs contain at least 28 percent recycled materials and can be recycled repeatedly. They're great for capturing rainwater runoff, they're non combustible, and their ability to resist heat gain from intense summer sunshine translates to lower interior temperatures.

Those more comfortable interior temperatures and reduced utility costs can also be achieved with cool roofs. Typical dark shingle roofs absorb the sun's heat and can reach summertime temperatures in excess of 150 degrees F. These temperatures seep into the structure below, creating a home that is hot and uncomfortable. That heat also emits back into the atmosphere, causing a problematic Heat Island Effect and contributing to global warming. A cool roof prevents that heat gain, leaving homes cooler and more comfortable and saving homeowners 10 to 30 percent on energy costs.

Aside from solar shingles, metal roofs and cool roofs, there are plenty of other ecologically friendly roofs on the horizon, including smog absorbing tiles. As roof manufacturers and researchers continue to innovate, homeowners can expect to find affordable, energy efficient options whenever they're ready to start their green home conversion.

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