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EPDM and TPO materials are two types of rubber roofing used for businesses and homes. These products are often used on commercial buildings to help keep the energy costs down, but they are also used on homes with flat roofs or roofs with little slope. TPO products are often referred to as cool roof materials because of their high reflectivity. Both types of materials have distinct advantages and disadvantages for property owners. Comparing the two can give owners a comprehensive list of good and bad things to help them make an informed decision about which type of material to use. Sacramento roofing companies can help property owners make an appropriate decision regarding material.

TPO usually comes in small rolls around 12 feet, and EPDM comes in rolls around 50 feet. The larger the rolls mean there are fewer seams that may potentially leak. The difference between the two products is how the seams are connected. EPDM must be glued down or fastened, and TPO is welded with heat. The welding creates a better bond and a stronger seam.

EPDM rubber materials have been on the market for a lot longer than TPO.

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TPO materials have only been out for a little more than a decade, so manufacturers are still working on the chemical composition to improve the longevity of the material. EPDM has a proven makeup that is designed to last for as long as 40 years in the right conditions. TPO lasts about 20 or 30 years.

TPO is a better product for restaurants and some manufacturing companies because it does not deteriorate from oil and chemicals that are released from the roof vents. EPDM breaks down around chimneys and vents and is better suited for companies that do not release chemicals into the air.

One of the best things about TPO is the white finish that helps reduce the heat island effect in cities, but EPDM can be painted white to offer the same reflective properties. TPO is more commonly used on commercial roofs because it is naturally white compared to EPDM. Since TPO is white, it offers a greater energy efficiency that standard black EPDM. Experts suggest that property owners who are considering a rubber roofing option should research both types of materials and compile a list of questions to ask when they get estimates. They also say that it is important to hire a company that has experience with rubber roofing materials so that the client knows that the material is correctly installed.

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