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Moss that grows on a roof is not often recognized as capable of causing extensive damage, and in some cases, homeowners will actually allow the moss to grow unabated for aesthetic purposes. While there are certainly those who find the appearance of moss on the roof charming in a natural sort of way, homeowners must be aware of the fact that enabling this growth to remain unchecked can result in serious damage to the shingles, the underlayment and even the structure of the roof itself. Preventing the growth of moss should be a priority for homeowners whose roofs have not yet been affected, and homeowners who have roofs that are currently experiencing moss growth should take steps to eradicate the growth as soon as possible.

Fortunately, this particular issue can be prevented rather easily. It is possible that homeowners do not necessarily have to call on a Sacramento roofing professional for these preventive or corrective measures. A roof without moss can be protected through the simple installation of copper or zinc flashing to the roof as these metals kill the airborne spores that begin the process of extensive moss growth.

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This type of flashing can be installed on the peak of the roof so that any rain that comes into contact with the flashing will carry some of the metal along with it as it washes over the roof, thereby killing any spores in its path.

Roofs that are already affected by the growth of moss can also benefit from the installation of this type of flashing, but the homeowner will still have to remove the existing moss first and will likely have to clean the roof on an annual basis to ensure that no more moss grows on the roof again. The moss can be brushed off the roof with a broom, and many homeowners also use chemicals that are specifically designed to kill moss. Caution should be exercised when using these chemicals, however, as it is possible for the runoff to seep into the groundwater.

The damage caused by moss is not to be taken lightly as moss works like a sponge to retain water that can soak through to the underlayment and the roof sheathing. When these components are exposed to moisture, there is a great risk of adversely affecting the structural integrity of the roof in such a way that costly repairs will ultimately be required. Since this sort of damage is avoidable through simple preventive measures and routine maintenance, homeowners should take great care to ensure that they are doing all they can to protect their roof from damage.

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