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Sacramento Roofing: Article About Contractors' Storm Damage Assessments

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A well-maintained property could have a solid roofing system, but strong storms can often damage the best installations. After severe weather passes, it's critical to contact a Sacramento roofing professional for a quote. Their expert eyes can find the smallest leaks that may damage the home significantly if missed or ignored. Residents should note that contractors inspect specific areas to cover any potential structural damage.

Contractors typically start with an exterior inspection. They'll start surveying the ground for any nails, shingles, and other roofing material that may have broken off the home. Water damage is always a concerning issue, so professionals examine exterior walls, chimneys, and windows for any leaks or cracks. With ladders in place, professionals also venture up to the roof for a closer look. They'll note any missing or broken shingles to create a precise repair estimate. Flashing, skylights, and other roofing details are also examined and added to the quote as necessary.

Homeowners should notice contractors inspecting the rain gutters with the roofing examination too. Gutters can easily be dented, cracked, and detached from the structure through stormy winds, hail, and rain. Gutters must be inspected across their entire lengths to accurately quote and repair them.

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When gutters don't work correctly, rainwater easily backs up onto the roof. Leaking roofs are normally the outcome of neglected gutter systems in these cases.

The attic is one of the first places for obvious water damage. Professionals use strong lights to illuminate the attic's ceiling and walls. They'll look for leaks, puddles and staining across the entire space. If any water issues are missed, it could lead to severe damage involving mold, mildew and eventual decay. Support beams and drywall could require replacement in severe damage cases.

The home's main interior isn't immune to potential water damage either. Contractors systematically inspect all rooms for staining across walls and ceilings. Wall outlets, switches, and fixtures are also examined. These items may show signs of water damage under their panels. Contractors must inspect these covered areas to truly discover all damage. Any water within an electrical item is subject to shorting and possible fire hazards.

Scheduling a contractor and an insurance adjuster on the same day is preferable for homeowners after a storm. Both professionals can look over the property as a whole, allowing them to detail all damage and how it pertains to insurance coverage. It saves considerable time for both professionals and homeowners, giving the structure a rapid time frame for a quality repair.

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