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Numerous homeowners face costly roof repairs by overlooking very important areas that affect the life of a roof. One important problem homeowners fail to consider is condensation buildup. Unless a water leak currently exists and the problem area is easy to spot, homeowners do not consider factors that are not as common as something like a missing shingle. Condensation buildup is one of those factors homeowners generally don't consider during their roof inspection.

Attics are the biggest trouble spot for condensation buildup. Since most attics remain cold and damp, condensation starts to form, especially in attics with missing or cheap insulation. Air leaks from within the attic carry the condensation to the top of the roof, and water droplets start to form. Over time, the water droplets seep into the cracks and crevices in the roof assembly, and water leaks start to form. However, by properly inspecting an attic, homeowners can save money on costly repairs. Contact a Sacramento roofing contractor for more details on identifying cheap insulation.

Thoroughly inspect the attic by looking for missing or torn insulation. Fiberglass insulation is highly susceptible to the effects of condensation. In time, it starts to disintegrate, causing air leaks that carry moisture to the roof. Replacing small sections of fiberglass insulation in the attic is quick and easy, and the cost is reasonable.

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If the attic contains foam insulation, look for signs of cracking or crumbling. Check the foam between each wall stud that braces the roof assembly. If any foam shows signs of cracking or crumbling, contact a contractor to inspect the insulation.

In cold weather climates, water leaks from condensation buildup are quite common. However, the warning signs are not as easy to spot. For example, homeowners who use their heating systems frequently in cold weather climates fail to recognize how it affects a roof. The heat from the system mixed with cooler air creates humid conditions, and the damp air causes condensation to form on the roof. Again, the water droplets from the condensation create water leaks.

Homeowners must keep a watchful eye on water droplets that develop on the surface of the roof assembly, especially during cold winter days. Inspect the attic on a regular basis during the winter, and call a roofing contractor to help identify problem areas with the insulation. Homeowners should watch for water dripping off the roof during midday, and look for any signs of damage in the section of the roof where the water drips.

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