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Concrete roofing is one of the most cost efficient solutions that homeowners can apply to their homes. It is very durable and able to withstand all types of elemental damage while requiring a relatively minimal amount of maintenance. This type of care is usually limited to the system's gutters, protrusion flashing and venting. However, concrete roofing is easy to maintain, Sacramento roofing experts urge homeowners to avoid falling behind in the roof's upkeep. Concrete roofing systems should be maintained once every four to six months in order to take care of things such as moss and dirt buildup. With careful maintenance, it is not uncommon to get as much as 70 years of use out of the roof.

The most common issue that homeowners have to worry about when it comes to maintaining a concrete roof is the growth of lichen and moss. Both are usually attracted by moisture and because of the porous nature of the concrete, moisture problems are always a concern. Homeowners should inspect their rooftops with binoculars to see if there are any patches of moss growing.

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Any shade caused by overhanging branches should be cut off, and the roof's surface should be washed with a bleach and water solution to get rid of any fungal growth. One of the easiest to control the problem further is to use a pressure washer at a relatively low setting. Homeowners should direct the water at a distance of three or four feet away from the surface for the best results. The 3,000 PSI nozzles are recommended for low pressure cleaning.

Even the most well installed concrete tiles may be dislodged. Erosion, climate changes and the effects of weathering can cause problems to the surface, and sometimes even just getting on top of the roof can be problematic.

Homeowners should inspect the rooftop area to make sure that there are no tiles missing or damaged. If the homeowner notices a damaged tile, it should be removed with a crowbar for further inspection. Depending on how many tiles are damaged around that one, it can be a good idea to contact professional roofers to have them take a look at the area. Concrete tiles that have fallen off of the roof already should be inspected to see whether the damage is based on their structural integrity or on the fasteners that hold them to the roof. While both issues may require professional attention, they will need different degrees of work to be resolved.

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