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When considering a home's exterior, every surface has a part to play. The siding of the home is like the skin of the body, the doors and windows are like the eyes and mouth, and the roof is like the skull, which is responsible for protecting the brain, the most important part of all. Like the top of a person's head, a roof gets a lot of abuse from the environment, and things like wind, debris and sun can wreck havoc on the surface. Sacramento roofing companies can install a new type of roofing, called composite roofing, which can better protect the home.

It's not always easy to describe a composite roof, since it can be made of different things. As the name implies, composite roofs have shingles made of several materials that are blended and compressed together. Some common materials include wood, plastic, fiberglass, recycled paper and polyester. Whatever materials are used are bonded together by laminates or resins and often covered in asphalt to help protect the shingles from UV rays and water.

When looking at composite roofs, most homeowners cannot tell the difference between these and other roofing types. These roofs typically come in the shape of a long rectangle with notches. These notches overlap and interlock, which makes installation easy.

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However, when these are installed, the shingles give the look of shakes, and depending on style and color, they can also be made to look like other roofs, too.

In some ways, many homeowners prefer a composite roof over other roofing materials, even though these roofs aren't as well known or have a reputation like some traditional materials. In most cases, a composite roof will last well over 50 years, and some manufacturers offers a lifetime guarantee for their products.

Composite roofs are tested for wind and hurricanes, too; they can stand up to winds as high as 100 miles per hour. They are also tested against fire and not only lower the risk of fire but help stop the spread of fire as well. Homeowners also find that utility bills are lower both in the winter and summer, and even without insulation or ventilation, light colored composite roofs can help stop the absorption of heat. Depending on the location, these roofs can also be built to be resistant to algae, salt air, snow and hurricane like conditions.

Homeowners interested in learning more about composite roofing should contact a local roofing contractor to see if this type of roofing can be installed.

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