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Sacramento Roofing: Article About Comparing Solar Panels and Tiles

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Installing solar panels used to be a luxury for a few homeowners because of cost and space issues. When a Sacramento roofing company estimates a solar installation today, residents have more options than ever to make their property energy efficient. Homeowners can choose between solar panels and roof tiles, both offering advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage to solar roof tiles is the instant electrical generation with material installation. If a home requires a new roof, solar materials are added just like shingles. The only extra installation step is connecting the tiles to the home's electrical system. When homeowners replace the roof and add panels, there are two distinctly different installations that may take much more time. Even labor could be more expensive when adding roofing and panels, making roof tiles a clever way to save money now and in the future.

Solar panels have always been relatively versatile regarding their location and adjustments. They're normally added to rooftops or supports in backyards. If homeowners ever want to remodel and relocate panels to a different area, they have that option. A neighbor's tree, for instance, may block the panel's sunlight path. Moving the panels increases energy efficiency when moved away from the tree's shade. If roof tiles are shaded, there is little recourse to fix the situation unless the object is removed or pruned down.

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Roof tiles with solar cells embedded into the material's construction are visually appealing. They only appear slightly different than standard tiles, depending on the roofing color choice. Roofers also have an easier time accessing the roof for basic maintenance. Along with an aesthetically pleasing look, solar roof tiles don't have panels covering their installation. Roofers inspect tiles from the ground or while walking the rooftop. Panels hide possible roof issues and create another barrier to access on a regular basis.

When homeowners want to add on to their solar array, it's nearly impossible with roof tiles unless a major project is warranted. Residents can always add panels to any installation with just a minor service call, creating more electricity for the household when it continues to grow in size.

With any roof installation or alteration, homeowners want materials that will reduce moisture leaks into the home. If solar roof tiles are chosen, look for an interlocking mechanism. This connection type provides an almost leak free installation when attached to the rooftop properly. Qualified roofers with solar experience will make a home efficient and protected from the elements with one completed project.

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