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Running a commercial building efficiently requires extensive knowledge of the building's operations including HVAC, electrical and roofing systems. Keeping up to date on the trends affecting these systems can help building managers make decisions that ensure their buildings run efficiently and economically. Below are just a few helpful trends in commercial roofing.

Single ply membrane roofing systems like TPO are increasingly the low slope roof covering of choice. While built up roofing, or BUR, remains a common roofing system, TPO offers superb performance, excellent fire resistance and an even, continuous surface that makes it easy to identify rips and other problems. TPO roofs are also excellent at resisting wind, sun, chemical and ozone damage.

Sacramento roofing industry insiders expect TPO roofs to become more widely available in thicker layers to improve membrane durability. Heavier TPO membranes will also better meet the anticipated new ASTM and insulation standards.

Peel and stick membrane roofs are also gaining popularity for their ease of installation. Self adhesive membranes can be installed in temperatures as hot as 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that roofing doesn't have to be suspended during hot Valley summers. Self adhesive roofs also don't require the air polluting chemical glues commonly used with other processes.

Cold applied adhesives are another alternative to more conventional heat applied adhesives.

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These non heated adhesives meet more stringent air quality standards and are safer, quicker and more cost efficient to install.

Other roof trends like daylighting maximize energy efficiency. Some of the newest commercial skylights improve a building's daytime lighting using a series of mirrors and GPS systems that allow the skylight to track the sun's movement.

With water at a premium in the state, a number of commercial building managers have installed water saving "blue roofs." While most blue roofs were originally intended to moderate the flow of water into waste water systems during heavy rain periods, blue roofs can also collect rainwater to be used in vegetated roofs and other building operations.

Of course, cool roofs continue to be a popular choice for both low slope and steep slope roofing. Cool roofs prevent roofs from gaining excessive heat from the sun and forcing that heat into the building below. In this way, cool roofs reduce cooling costs. Retrofitting an existing roof into a cool roof is relatively simple. The process merely involves applying a reflective coating to black roof membranes or covering dark BUR roofs with reflective granules or cool coating materials.

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