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Stains on the outside of a home's gutters are a nuisance, and they create an enormous eyesore on the house. Whether black stripes, green grime or simple dirt, stains bring down the curb appeal and make even the nicest home look neglected. Many homeowners don't know the best way to clean the outside of their gutters and downspouts.

Outside gutters can simply get dirty and grimy over time as they attract dirt and tree debris. If they're located in a wetter or a more wooded environment, gutters can develop unsightly green algae stains. Sacramento roofing experts know that keeping the outsides of the gutters clean does just as much to improve the appearance of the house as cleaning the roof.

To get gutters clean, homeowners should use a scrub brush and either get to the gutters from a ladder or utilize an extension pole that can be found at most home improvement stores. The scrub brush should be fairly rigid, but not made of metal or overly abrasive bristles as these can potentially hurt the finish. A bucket full of hot water mixed with oxygen bleach or dish detergent is usually adequate to clean off dirt, mildew or algae.

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Some stores also sell cleaning solutions specifically designed to handle gutters. These solutions are helpful in the case of an extremely dirty gutter, especially since they are designed to not strip the finish off the gutters even when applied liberally. Chlorine bleach should be avoided as it can damage plant life when it drips down to the ground.

If electing to climb a ladder to clean the gutters, homeowners should take the necessary safety precautions. Shoes with a good grip are vital, especially as soapy water may fall onto the rungs. The ladder should never be moved or adjusted while a person is on it, and it's a good idea to use a ladder with a stability bar on the top to keep it secure against the roof. Having another person present for safety is always smart, as they can help stabilize the ladder or hand up supplies.

In the case of a very high roof, excessively dirty gutters, or gutters in hard to reach places, it may be a good idea to seek professional assistance to get the job done. Professional roofers will have the safety equipment and training to clean the outsides of the gutters safely and efficiently. With a bit of care, the home's gutters will look good as new.

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