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Proper roof maintenance includes regularly cleaning the roof as this will help in preventing a number of issues that may cause damage to the components and even the structure of the roof. Several adverse conditions can arise if cleaning the roof is ignored, including the development of algae, moss and fungi, all of which can cause more damage than most homeowners realize. Roof cleaning can be performed by a Sacramento roofing specialist, but it is just as easily completed by the homeowner provided that proper safety precautions are followed and the ideal cleaning product is used.

For many homeowners who are concerned with protecting the environment, the use of chemical cleaners may be quite unappealing. Using chemicals to clean the roof may indeed result in runoff seeping into the groundwater, leading many homeowners to consider using pressurized water instead. While pressure washing may not require the use of chemicals, it is not an ideal option for cleaning a roof. This is because the pressurized water will work its way through the shingles and underlayment, creating the potential for water damage to the sheathing.

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Using a pressure washer on the roof is therefore a strategy that will cause more damage than it prevents, and doing so may even void the warranty on the roof altogether.

While some may recommend chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach for roof cleaning, these products offer drawbacks that go beyond the potential environmental concerns as the use of chlorine bleach can damage the metal roof components, including the flashing and the gutters. This is because of the corrosive nature of bleach. Lye cleaning products, which are less harmful to the environment, are also corrosive, and they will require the homeowner to wear extensive protective gear while cleaning the roof. Lye is a better option than bleach, but non corrosive products are best.

Once a non corrosive and environmentally friendly cleaning product is chosen, the homeowner must then identify the most ideal time to clean the roof. The most effective time for roof cleaning is a cool and overcast day when no precipitation is expected. This will ensure that the cleaning product does not dry out in the sun and that the homeowner does not have to contend with adverse conditions such as intense heat or high winds. Once the cleaning product has been applied and has had time to get to work, all that is required to rinse the roof is a garden hose with a traditional spray nozzle attachment.

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