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Homeowners may think they need a new roof after they see a leak in their ceiling. Different roofing problems may cause this leak, but how does one know whether a house needs a new roof or whether a roof repair will solve the problem? The following tips will help a homeowner determine if a house needs a new roof.

How old is the existing roof? Most Sacramento roofing experts agree that a roof will last for 20 to 25 years. It also matters whether the old roof was removed and if it is well ventilated. If the roofer installed the roof over another layer and it is older than 20 years, there are high chances a homeowner will need a new roof.

Are the shingles curling and buckling? Shingles that are buckling and curled are other indicators that a roof should be replaced. Observe the slopes of the roof that get direct sunlight. If a homeowner notices the shingles are curling and have lost granules, it may mean the shingles have exceeded their lifespan. It is possible that the roof is defective.

One should observe the roof valley.

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If the roof shingles are missing or falling apart in this area, it is a sure sign that one needs to replace his or her roof. Rain and snow flow through valleys and get into the gutters. If the valley is defective, roof leaks are possible.

Are the shingles missing? Missing shingles are another sign of a failing roof. Therefore, one needs to observe if all the tabs are intact.

A homeowner needs to be concerned about the chimney flashing. If the flashing consists of roof tar or cement, it may have to be replaced with a water tight, long term fitting, of which a metal flashing system would be better.

One also needs to check the gutters for shingle granules. Roofs often lose more granules at the end of their lifespan.

A homeowner needs to check the attic to see if there is any sunlight coming through the roof boards. In addition, one should check for moisture in the insulation, which could indicate serious roofing problem.

If one is building a brand new building, it is possible that a composition shingle roof can be installed so poorly that it is rendered useless from the start. If missing shingles and annoying leaks are becoming very common and a nuisance, one may need a new roof, no matter its age.

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